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Electrical Harnessing Component Solutions for Space

Industry Summary

Our Space Product Portfolio consists of a variety of products that can be used in the Space Industry.

Many of our products also have ESA approval or NASA registration and some have low-outgassing properties, while others can be used in applications where this is not a requirement.

We supply a wide range of space products including:

  • Connectors – Circular, rectangular and D-Sub styles offering a wide choice of connection solutions
  • Backshells – for strain relief & EMI/EMC protection
  • RF Cables & Assemblies – High performance cable & assemblies for satcom, space flight and ground testing applications
  • Wire & cable – High performance wire and cable constructions for ground and flight applications
  • Expandable Braid – Low-outgassing sleeving for wire & cable management and mechanical protection
  • Heat Shrink Tubing – Low outgassing, shrinkable tubing for wire & cable management and protection
  • Identification Solutions – Low outgassing heat shrinkable and tie on cable marker sleeves for wire & cable identification
  • Screening Braid – EMC/EMI shielding protection for wire & cable
  • Low outgassing cable management accessories & adhesives
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Product Range