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Braided Sleeving

Product Summary

A range of protective sleevings are available from world leading manufacturers, providing protection for electrical harnesses, hoses & pipes against heat, abrasion, chemicals, fluids and noise. Applications range from commercial products through to high performance products, that can be used in the most demanding environments. Protective sleevings come in a wide variety of constructions, sizes and colors including wrap-around, push-on, heat-shrinkable, spiral binding, metal braids and protective edging. Temperature capabilities range from -70°C to +1100°C.

Features & Benefits

• Mechanical protection
• Chemical resistance
• Electrical insulation
• Fluid and solvent resistance
• Moisture protection
• Strain relief, Flexibility
• Aesthetic enhancement
• Fast and efficient installation

Mechanical and Abrasion Protection

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Electrical Insulation and Abrasion Resistance

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Thermal and Fire Insulation

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Electromagnetic Shielding

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