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Identification Systems

Product Summary

Identification and labeling products are becoming increasingly important as the preferred method of identification and traceability for harnesses, wire & cable, control panels and components. Our product range covers a multitude of styles and materials including heat-shrinkable markers, tie-on, wrap-around and self-adhesive labels which meet international UL, CSA & Mil-Spec specifications. All products can be marked using a range of state-of-the-art thermal transfer printers.


Applications range from commercial component labelling through to high performance critical systems identification. Typical product performance characteristics include extreme temperature operation, zero halogen, low smoke, low toxicity, chemical and abrasion resistance, electrical insulation, strain relief and UV resistance.

Features & Benefits

• Mechanical protection
• Extreme temperature performance
• Chemical resistance
• Fluid & solvent resistance
• Moisture protection
• Strain relief, Flexibility
• Flame-retardant, Low smoke
• High shrink ratio
• Low shrink temperature
• Aesthetic enhancement
• Fast & efficient installation

Heat Shrinkable Markers

Additional Identification Products

We have a full electronic capability, to receive and manipulate customer files for printing. Printing capabilities include logos, barcodes, images and a full range of text fonts. Working closer with our customers providing practical design solutions, full technical support, site visits, system demonstrations and after sales support.

Our in-house design and printing capabilities include a full range of text fonts, sequential numbering, logos, barcode, images and personalized graphics.

  • Heat Shrinkable Sleeves
  • Metal Photo Labels
  • Tie-on Cable Markers
  • Custom Self-adhesive Labels
  • Pre-printed Markers
  • Engraved Materials
  • Complete Sets and Kits
  • Barcodes and Logos

The Universal Payoff is a free standing bench top, or wall mounted stand. Designed to dispense all TE Connectivity identification marker sleeves, cable markers and labels.

Features & Benefits

  • Free standing bench top.
  • Wall mountable for space saving.
  • Robust, all metal stand.
  • Maximum outside roll diameter 400mm
  • Size 300 (D) × 232 (H) x 200 (W) mm
  • Weight 2.23kg.

TE Part Number: EC9926-000

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A range of cold applied push-on markers are also available for wire and cable marking, including…

  • KTMS-501 heat shrinkable bandolier
  • Z-Type Marker
  • K-Type Marker
  • STD-Type Marker

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