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Product Summary

In addition to the DEUTSCH Autosport connectors offered in the USA, Rayfast can offer a range of high performance connectors for harsh environments such as Military, Aerospace and Induistrial applications. Our experience in supplying the aerospace and defense markets enables us to offer a number of high performance connector styles in both standard and customised designs

Materials and Platings

Product Types

MIL Series Connectors
Working closely with suppliers and manufacturers worldwide we offer a comprehensive range of high performance connectors and associated products for harsh environments. These include but are not limited to:

HDP20 Series Connectors

HDP20 connectors are a versatile connector solution for harsh environment applications in the construction, mining, marine, and agricultural industries. These heavy-duty thermoplastic, circular shaped connectors feature quick connect & disconnect bayonet couplings, silicone seals, and a rear insertion/rear removal contact system. Offered in two shell sizes and in 19 different configurations, ranging from 2 to 47 cavities and can accommodate multiple size contacts & wire sizes.

HD30 Series Connectors

HD30 connectors are constructed with a rugged aluminum shell developed to meet the needs of the heavy-duty truck, bus and off-highway industries. These connectors offer multiple pin configurations that accept contact sizes 4 to 20. HD30 connectors are circular shaped and feature quick connect & disconnect bayonet couplings, silicone seals and a rear insertion/rear removal contact system. Also offers adaptor and cable clamp modifications that support the wires while reducing strain on the connectors.

DRC Series Connectors

DRC connectors are designed for off-road, heavy-duty industrial, recreational, and agricultural applications. The environmentally sealed, rectangular shaped DRC connectors are offered with insert arrangements of 24, 40, 50, 60, 64, 70, and 76 cavities that accept size 16 and 20 contacts. Several mounting options are available including in-line, flange mount, and PCB mount.

DT Series Connectors
Range of environmentally sealed connectors designed for cable to cable applications. Thermoplastic housings offer a wide operating temperature range plus silicone rear wire and interface seals allow the connectors to withstand conditions of extreme temperature and moisture. Contact insertion and removal does not require any special tools, with contacts retained in a locked position by integral dielectric fingers. Secondary wedge-locks are assembled at the mating interfaces to provide proper contact positioning.

DT Series

Environmentally sealed connector DT Series designed for cable to cable applications on the engine or transmission, under the bonnet and on the chassis or in the cab. On signal level circuits in harsh environment conditions – Size 16 contacts

DTM Series

Feature miniature contacts with DTM Series enhanced design based on the DT Series. DTM is the connector to be used in harsh environmental applications such as around the engine, transmission and under the bonnet – Size 20 contacts

DTHD Series

Offers an environmentally sealed, single power circuit termination with a current rating from 25 to 100 Amps. The plug features an integral coupling latch that provides tactile and audible feedback during coupling – Size 4, 8 or 12 contact.

DTP Series

Designed for power applications, DTP Series fills the need for higher amperage, multipin connectors. Offers ability to use multiple 12 gauge contacts, each with a 25 amp continuous capacity, within a single shell – Size 12 contacts