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Adaptors & Backshells

Product Summary

For all your connection requirements, we have the solutions, offering an extensive range of adaptors, assemblies and connector accessory products from world leading manufacturers.


For high-performance sealing and strain relief, we offer a variety of adaptors for applications in many industries, including Aerospace, Defense, Marine and Mass Transit.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in many configurations to match applications
  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for high reliability applications
  • Kitted for customer convenience
  • Screened options
  • Mil-spec and industry approvals
  • Range of Materials and Finishes
  • Performance in harsh environments

Screened Backshell Adaptors

Braided Tail

Supplied complete with a braided tail that has been secured by a magna-form crimp ring. Braid shield accommodates a range of cable diameters. This allows a standard entry size to be used with most cable sizes and can be terminated using a SolderSleeve® device.

Memory Ring

Special shape memory metal ring that shrinks uniformly when heated, offering very secure 360º clamp of the screening braid onto the backshell. Withstands shock, vibration and temperature cycling.
Requires specialist tooling.

Band Clamp

Where the cable screening braid is clamped to the backshell via a mechanical metal strap. Hand tool required.

Constant Force Spring

Cable screening braid is secured to the backshell via constant force spring wrapped around the braid.
Does not need any tooling.

Individual Screen

This system offers the greatest EMI/EMC integrity, providing 360º shielding in the termination area of each individual wire/cable plus collective screen cable versions (shown). System offers a significant improvement over pigtail termination methods.

Boot Assembly

Supplied as a complete assembly utilising Rayatan® heat shrink screened boot technology that includes an internal lining that offers shielding levels better than 80 dB at 100 MHz. Avoids the requirement for a separate metal screening braid.

Non-Screened Backshell Adaptors

Non-screened backshells, or connector adaptors, are suitable for heat shrink boots and are available in a range of materials and configurations, Solid Backshells, Spin-Coupling, Spin-Lock, and Tinel-Lock.

Solid Adaptors and Spin-Coupling Backshells have a boot groove to accommodate lipped heat-shrinkable molded parts, while Spin-Lock Backshells are a variable angle backshell to enable straight, 45 and 90-degree cable terminations with the same part.


Solid adaptors are designed for use where no access is required, for example when potting is necessary or a lower space profile is needed. These adaptors have a groove to accommodate heat-shrinkable molded parts.


Have a rotatable coupling nut and a grooved body to accommodate lipped heat-shrinkable molded parts. Spin-coupling adaptors combined with heat-shrinkable molded parts provide environmental protection and strain relief for unscreened cable terminations.


A variable angle backshell that enables straight, 45º and right angle 90º cable terminations with the same part. The connector backshell swivelling body rotates around the axis of the cable bundle and locks in position, minimising stress on the wire bundle.